Environmental toilet options for your tiny home

Environmental toilet options for your tiny home

One of the most significant tiny home decisions you are likely to make is in regards to the kind of toilet you will have. In a traditional home, there is one option, and as such, not a lot of thought goes into the type of toilet you need for a typical home.

environmentally friendly toilets for tiny homes
Choosing the right toilet for your tiny home may be a challenge

However, living in a tiny home is an entirely different scenario. There are a few different options available and deciding on which choice is right can be a challenge for many people.

Let’s take a look at your options.

Firstly, if you want a regular flushing toilet connected to the sewerage system, you can have one. This would be the preferred option for anybody living in a stationary tiny home. The downside is you will need to be hooked up to a sewerage system at all times, making this option unsuitable for those who wish to travel in their tiny home.

So what are the options for tiny home frequent travellers?

Dry-Flush Toilet

With the dry-flush toilet, a plastic and foil liner is placed in the toilet bowl which collects waste and seals it into a package when the toilet is “flushed”, ready for convenient disposal. The packaged waste can then be disposed of just as you would a bag of nappies.

This is an inexpensive option for those looking to be off the grid.

 Homemade Composting toilet

Composting toilets are pretty popular for tiny homes, they require no plumbing, are mobile and use no water. The most cost-efficient option for a composting toilet is the homemade variety.

All you need is a large enough bucket for your waste in which you can install a toilet seat on top. Then, simply add sawdust to the waste after each use, and you have yourself a simple and very inexpensive solution.

The waste needs to be emptied onto a compost pile to break down naturally, so you need to ensure you have access to a supply of sawdust and a compost pile to take advantage of this basic model.

Active Composting Toilet

If you have a bit more of a budget, the active composting toilet will do all of the work for you. These units can range in price, and many designs are compact enough to fit into tiny homes.

Again, these units require no plumbing, are waterless, odourless, and they are also easy to install. Most models will separate urine and solids and can be used for weeks before emptying is required.

Caravan Toilets

Lastly, there are several models and types of caravan toilets that are suitable for tiny homes. Often referred to as a porta-potty, this type of toilet is the most commonly used toilet for caravans in Australia. It is a simple 2-part system which features a seat and flush tank, as well as the holding tank which requires emptying at a waste disposal point periodically. The system uses water from the tank but doesn’t require plumbing.

Some alternate models allow for the holding tank to be outside of the caravan or tiny home, while the design remains exactly the same.

If you need professional advice on installing the right toilet for your tiny home, contact our friendly team today.