The Top 5 Reasons Tiny Homes Are Becoming So Popular

The Top 5 Reasons Tiny Homes Are Becoming So Popular

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It’s no secret that the tiny home movement is seeing exponential growth around the world. More and more people – both young and old – are embracing the simplicity and nomadic lifestyles that tiny homes afford. 

This trend extends to Australia too, and in this article, we point out the top 5 reasons why the tiny home movement has become so popular amongst Australians.

Low cost

Figures released recently by the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) illustrate how household debt-to-income ratio has hit an all-time high in recent years, while household spending has been relatively weak. 

This upward trend in household debt and mortgage debt clearly has a direct relationship with spending. Simply put, the more debt Australians incur, the less money left over to be able to enjoy life. 

Australians are increasingly awakening to this reality. Tiny homes cost a fraction of what a traditional property costs. Consequently, many Australians are rejecting the status quo, in search of experiences and lifestyle, in lieu of a big house with a big mortgage. 

Less Work

Along with freeing up more cash to spend on lifestyle and experiences, living in a tiny home affords the owner-occupier more time. 

Perhaps one of the most apparent benefits of a tiny home involves significantly less maintenance. Dusting, Vacuuming or sweeping will all be dramatically reduced. 


With the arrival of the digital-age, we have more and more people working from home, no longer trapped in a specific location in order to commute daily to their work. 

Digital nomads are also on the rise – those who consciously choose to make money online and conduct their life in a nomadic fashion. 

Then there are those in their golden years of retirement. A tiny home offers the mobility and flexibility to satisfy both digital and grey nomad’s wanderlust. 


Nowadays, there is an increasing percentage of the population who desire to create a more sustainable, environmentally-responsible way of life. 

An increase in social consciousness around environmental issues has resulted in the Eco-friendly movement entering the mainstream – no longer associated exclusively with hippies or “tree-huggers”. 

Tiny homes require a fraction of the energy of a traditional home. It requires significantly less heating, cooling and lighting.


Many Australians are choosing to embrace the tiny home lifestyle for many alternative reasons to the ones mentioned above.


Tiny home uses are incredibly varied. Australians love the idea that a tiny home can double as a spare bedroom, guest accommodation, home office, studio, rental property or mobile holiday home. 

You don’t have to live in a tiny home all-year-round to enjoy the many benefits that a tiny home provides. 

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