The Easy Tiny Home Energy Saving Ideas

The Easy Tiny Home Energy Saving Ideas

energy saving tiny homes
Energy-saving ideas to help you save money

While tiny home living by default is a great energy saver, there are several ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption further.

It is estimated that a tiny home uses just 7% of the energy of an average-sized traditional home. And, while that sounds excellent, wouldn’t it be even better to reduce that percentage a little bit more?

Here are some of the best tiny home energy saving ideas that you can implement today and save money on your next power bill.

  1. Set up Solar Panels
solar panels for tiny homes
Solar panels are a great idea for tiny homes

Australians are blessed with a sunny and climate practically all year round. Why not take advantage of the sun’s free energy by setting up solar panels on your tiny home?

You don’t have to fit your roof with panels. There are portable solar-powered kits available for purchase. Portable solar-powered systems can generate plenty of power for all of your requirements.

Not only can solar panels help you to cut back on your energy consumption, they can allow you to go off the grid – perfect for tiny home enthusiasts who love to be mobile.

Also, you can find many appliances that run on solar energy, including this solar oven for cooking.

  • Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances
Alt text: tiny home appliances
Opt for 4 or 5-star energy rated appliances

Appliances can be responsible for approximately 30% of a home’s energy consumption, according to energy.gov.au. By purchasing energy-efficient appliances, you can enjoy significant savings. 

Additionally, use dishwashers or washing machines only when you have a full load and remember to maximise the sun’s energy and always dry your clothes in the sun.

  • Swap Your Lightbulbs
energy-efficient tiny homes
Energy-saving lightbulbs can cut your energy usage

Nowadays, there are many energy-saving lightbulbs on the market to replace the power-hungry glass domes that constantly need replacing.

Energy-saving lightbulbs not only use less energy, but last many years longer than conventional bulbs.

From LED lights to flood lights, there are energy-saving lightbulbs for all purposes.

  • Seal Gaps
tiny home gap sealing
Ensure gaps are sealed on windows, doors, and refrigerators

A quick and simple way to stop wasting energy is with your windows and doors. Windows and doors often have notable gaps, allowing warmer air to escape your tiny home during the winter.

Additionally, warm air is able to enter your abode during the summer. Both of these scenarios can contribute to a significant increase in energy consumption.

Your refrigerator may also be losing energy via gaps or improper seals. The rubber seal on your fridge is designed to keep cool air inside and warmer air out. However, over time, the seal can break down and not be as effective as it once was.

Ensure to test your fridge and windows and doors to ensure you are not wasting considerable energy in your tiny home.

  • Install a ceiling fan
tiny home heating and cooling
Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce energy consumption

A ceiling fan can help reduce your energy consumption in the summer and winter. It will allow you to reduce air conditioning usage, optimising its efficiency. It can even eliminate your dependency on air conditioning altogether in the temperate months, during Spring and Autumn.

Of course, the ceiling fan will use some energy, but not nearly as much as an air-conditioning system uses to heat or cool your tiny home.

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