How much does a tiny home cost?

How much does a tiny home cost?

The most common question we get asked is “how much does a tiny house cost to build?”

Just like a traditional build, a tiny house can vary significantly depending on many factors. To answer this question, you need to determine how you intend to use your tiny home and take into consideration the key determining factors.

In this article, I want to help you identify the most common factors that need to be considered to help you estimate the cost of building a tiny house in Australia.

The main factors that affect the cost of a tiny home?

•    Will you be doing the work (or any portion) yourself or using a builder?

•    What size will your tiny home be?

•    Do you plan to use only new materials or are you happy to use recycled materials?

•    Will your tiny home be mobile or fixed?

•    Do you intend on building your tiny house from scratch or use a pre-designed tiny home plan?

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Using a builder vs. tiny home DIY

With so many variables, it is hard to give exact figures regarding costings, but, we can provide you a clearer understanding and an accurate estimation.

If you decide to hire a builder, depending on the size, inclusions and the level of finish – be it basic, average or luxury – you could expect to spend anywhere between $75,000 – $125,000.

It is possible to save money if you are feeling confident enough to take on the build yourself. Again, it will depend on several factors, including how much of the build you take on and how much outside help in the way of contractors you need.

DIYer’s could expect to pay anywhere between $45,000 and $75,000. We have heard of cases where some have gotten away with it more cheaply; however, this is uncommon.

People must take into account the time they will need to devote to the build – and the value of their time – if you decide to take the Do-it-yourself route, it may involve a loss of income, which should be factored into the overall costings.

Popular tiny home sizes

Typically, tiny homes are between 5 metres and 12.5 metres in length. The Australian design rules require that trailers do not exceed 12.5 in length or 2.5 metres wide.

Adding more length can significantly add to the weight, restricting the type of vehicle needed to tow it. If you plan on building on foundations, this factor has no significance, however, suffice to say any increase in length will add to the overall cost of the build.

Using new materials vs. recycled materials

You can save money using recycled materials, however, knowing where and when it makes sense to save money on your tiny house budget effectively is critical. For example, it is not advised skimping on a trailer. It can cost more money retrofitting a trailer than it would do purchasing a custom-built trailer.

Similarly, when it comes to structurally components, attempting to salvage framing materials may seem like a good idea at first, but, you will most likely spend more time or money on labour trying to make it work.

Reclaiming finish materials such as cupboards, sinks or appliances are good examples of where it makes sense and where you can effectively reduce your costs.

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Mobile tiny home or fixed?

Have a tiny home built on a trailer is a little more expensive; however, it also offers much more flexibility. Again, some variables will determine the exact price differences, but on average it will cost around $10,000 more to build a mobile tiny home vs. a stationary one.

Building a tiny house from scratch vs. using a pre-designed tiny home plan

Designing and building a tiny house from scratch can ensure every aspect is perfectly tailored to suit you/and or your family. You can also save money with this option; but, it is not without its challenges. Many people attempt to do it themselves and then give up mid-way through, or underestimate how challenging it can be. 

Pre-designed tiny homes have been designed and built by professionals who have experience. They have spent many years optimising the efficiency and practically of building tiny houses – they understand what works and what doesn’t. Typically, the end result is a build of a much higher quality than a newbie can create.

Conclusion on tiny home costing

Ultimately, the cost to build your tiny home will be dependent on the choices you make. Do you need plenty of room or just the bare minimum? Do you want every known luxury item or are you happy to go without? Do you want to have a go yourself, or leave it to the experts?

Regardless of your disposition, If you need help to calculate costs for your dream tiny home more precisely, call our friendly team today. We would love to help you turn your dream into reality.