What to pack on your tiny home adventure

What to pack on your tiny home adventure

Not having ample space is an obvious downside to travelling in a tiny home; Therefore, tiny home adventurers need to be extra vigilant when packing to ensure that only the most critical things hit the open road with them

packing for a tiny home adventure
Knowing exactly what to pack for your tiny home adventure can be a challenge

Exactly what to take on your tiny home adventures will unquestionably look different for everyone. However, the same statement is valid for all, it will involve packing light. Which is not dissimilar advice for any holiday you are packing for or have packed for in the past.

How often have you gone away on holidays and came home only to realise you only wore about half of the clothes you packed?

So how does one decide on the things most critical?

Let’s take a look at the most important things you will need and take a closer look at each of these categories.


Depending on the time of year, you will want to ensure you have plenty of suitable clothing for the season. In saying this, don’t get caught out, remember to take at least one jacket/jumper and a pair of long trousers, even in the summer to avoid the discomfort of not having warmer clothes during a cold snap. Also remember your PJ’s, a commonly forgotten garment of clothing for travellers. Just remember to pack light, compact clothing that is comfortable.

clothes to take on a tiny house adventure
Pack compact and comfortable clothes you know you will wear

Shoes – make sure you have a pair of shoes for all occasions. Ensure you have shoes for going out for dinner, walking, as well as some flip flops or sandals.

Washer / Dryer Combo

You have better things to do than regular visits to the laundromat. Even making the trek to the holiday park laundry facilities is an inconvenience that most would rather not have to deal with, especially if they’re on holiday or travelling.

tiny home washer dryer
You have better things to do than hanging out in laundromats

A small washer/dryer combo designed for a caravan/RV will be your best friend out on the road. It will not only save you from frequent laundromat trips, but it will also allow you to pack far less clothing than you would need to without one.

Kitchenware / Utensils

Opt for multi-purpose utensils in the kitchen like sporks or tongs with a bottle opener. Ensure you have large and small saucepan and frying pans. Unless you use them daily, do not take large bulky appliances, especially if your kitchen storage is exceptionally minimalistic.


Now I will not assume to know what everyone’s diet looks like. However, think about what you use the most and forget the rest. Understand that you will have access to plenty of shops unless you are heading into the desert; consequently, you will be able to stock up on things that you need as you need them.

food storage in tiny home
Take only the food that you need now

Hooks & Shelving

With limited floor, cupboard, surface, and space in general, hooks and shelving are must-haves for any tiny home. If you can hang something do it. Hooks and shelving really do allow you to maximise the space you do have

maximising space in a tiny home
Hooks are essential for maximise space in a tiny home

Must Have Items

This category will vary from person to person. These are your individual must have entertainment items such as TV, Laptop, Camera, iPad or tablet, a deck of cards, books, basically anything that helps you relax and pass the time as well as possible.