Benefits of tiny home living

Benefits of tiny home living

There is a growing movement of people choosing to live in tiny homes around the world – including Australia. The trend is being driven by people for multiple reasons and could be explained by the many benefits of going tiny.

It seems people resonate with the notion of simplicity – perhaps because it is in stark contrast to our complicated and stressful modern world.

Portability of a mobile tiny home

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a new spot every day?

Tiny homes – specifically mobile tiny homes – have the significant benefit of their ability to relocate to a new location with ease.

If the tiny home is equipped with water tanks and solar panels, it allows the owner to live completely off the grid. That oceanfront cliff top position that would cost millions to acquire could be yours for a night or two – until you decide to find somewhere even better.

Other tiny homes may need to be plugged in for power and water, therefore better suited to holiday parks or other properties. However, they still allow you to move around with the greatest flexibility.

And consider this…

Nowadays, younger people are choosing to change jobs much more frequently than in past generations. Purchasing a traditional home is a long-term commitment. Real estate acquisitions – with its associated exit and entry fees – are not designed for the short-term.  However, with a tiny home, if you need to move because of work or any other reason, you can simply pack up and hit the road. Nothing is holding you back.

2)    Save Money

Building a traditional home will likely cost you in excess of $200,000 – more if you have expensive tastes. Tiny homes cost a fraction of that, even if you have everything custom designed for you or your family.

The low entry cost may mean you can buy it outright, meaning you don’t require a mortgage or the mortgage will be minimal – compounding the potential savings. Imagine buying a home and being debt free at the same time!

With skyrocketing debt and a housing affordability crisis in Australia, tiny homes can offer a perfect solution for many Australians wanting to escape the rental market or avoid a crippling mortgage.

Tiny homes cost less
You can save significant money with a tiny home

Tiny homes cost less

But that’s only half the story…

Because your tiny home necessitates a lifestyle without accumulating anything deemed non-essential, you won’t spend as much on things you don’t need.

3)    Energy efficiency

Regardless of whether or not you use renewable energy or not, the energy requirements of a tiny home pale into insignificance when compared to the energy needs of the average traditional home.

tiny homes are better for the environment
Tiny homes are much more energy efficient than traditional homes

The smaller the space, the less lighting, heating, and cooling required. When coupled with the savings mentioned in point 2, your overall financial benefit is substantial.

4) Cleaning a tiny home is a Breeze

Having less space means you won’t need to spend nearly as much time cleaning. Most of us hate cleaning and would rather do just about anything else. With a tiny home you can – cleaning a tiny home takes minutes as opposed to hours.

And another thing…

You will find with less space and fewer possessions to clutter your space, keeping your tiny home clean will be so much easier.

5)    Better connection to the outdoors

With limited space inside, most tiny home enthusiasts have a deeper connection to the outdoors. We are blessed in Australia – having warm summers and mild winters – our climate is conducive to outdoor living all year round.

outdoor life living in a tiny home
Enjoy the outdoors more living in a tiny home

Why spend all your time locked up indoors when the outdoors is often so much more appealing?

Considering all of the benefits, it’s not surprising the tiny homes movement is gathering momentum. If you are interested in purchasing a tiny home, talk to our team of experts today.